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Shows for 2017-2018 School Year

We promise these programs will be the most unique and enjoyable programs your students will ever see!


The Dinosaur Egg


The Ugly Duckling

Parker gets a very strange egg for his Birthday. He can’t quite figure out what to do wit the hungry hatchling. It can’t stay at home, on the farm, or even at the zoo. He comes up with a surprising And creative solution to the dino-problem.

After all, what are real friends for?

A classic tale of a misfit duckling, with a creative twist. In this version, the little hatchling is very strange indeed - green and scaly, with a long pointy tail. All the forest animals make fun of him. Then, the dragon king comes to look for his lost egg…

WHAT ARE THE SHOWS LIKE? The puppets are larger-than-life and are staged for auditorium-sized audiences. The puppets are manipulated bunraku0style, where the puppeteers dress in black and move the characters around in full view of the audience - a powerful and imaginative theater experience for all viewers. These shows are LOTS of fun, with a great message of self-worth, and accepting those who may be a little different.