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School Assembly Show for 2017-18                   The Dinosaur Egg

Parker gets a very strange egg for his Birthday. He can’t quite figure out what to do wit the hungry hatchling. It can’t stay at home, on the farm, or even at the zoo. He comes up with a surprising And creative solution to the dino-problem.

A Heart-warming Tale, Creative Story-telling

The puppets are larger-than-life; the show is staged for auditorium sized audiences. The puppets are manipulated bunraku-style, where the puppeteers dress in black and move the characters around the stage in full view of the audience - a powerful and imaginative theater experience for all viewers. This show is LOTS of fun, with a great message of self-worth, and accepting someone who may be a little different.

Show Information and Costs

The assembly program lasts approx. 45 minutes. Cost is $375 in the greater Salt Lake area, from Ogden to Spanish Fork. Double show (back-to-back performances) is $475. A study guide is provided, so your students can learn even more about Hans Christian Andersen and his famous stories. Also a coloring page for the lower grades.

The Utah Puppet Theater is currently booking for the 2017-18 school year. We would love to present The Ugly Duckling to your students. Book now to secure your date. Call Ralph, Program Director, at 801-440-5226 or email him at: bookmyshow@utahpuppettheater.com

How to Get More for Less

For very large student bodies, don't worry, we've got you covered! We offer back-to-back shows (that's two shows, same morning or same afternoon) for only an additional $100. This saves your school $275 and gets everybody a great seat!