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   New School Assembly Show for 2017-18               The Ugly Duckling


A merry puppet production of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of a misfit duckling, with a creative twist. In this version, the little hatchling is VERY strange indeed - green and scaly, with a long pointy tail. All the forest animals make fun of him, and tell him he is not ducky enough. Mrs. Duck tells him; Miss Swan tells him; Mr. Pig tells him, all the Frogs tell him - you just don't fit in. Then, the dragon king comes to look for his lost egg…

A Heart-warming Tale, Creative Story-telling

The puppets are larger-than-life; the show is staged for auditorium sized audiences. The puppets are manipulated bunraku-style, where the puppeteers dress in black and move the characters around the stage in full view of the audience - a powerful and imaginative theater experience for all viewers. This show is LOTS of fun, with a great message of self-worth, and accepting someone who may be a little different.

Show Information and Costs

The assembly program lasts approx. 45 minutes. Cost is $375 in the greater Salt Lake area, from Ogden to Spanish Fork. Double show (back-to-back performances) is $475. A study guide is provided, so your students can learn even more about Hans Christian Andersen and his famous stories. Also a coloring page for the lower grades.

The Utah Puppet Theater is currently booking for the 2017-18 school year. We would love to present The Ugly Duckling to your students. Book now to secure your date. Call Ralph, Program Director, at 801-440-5226 or email him at: bookmyshow@utahpuppettheater.com

How to Get More for Less

For very large student bodies, don't worry, we've got you covered! We offer back-to-back shows (that's two shows, same morning or same afternoon) for only an additional $100. This saves your school $275 and gets everybody a great seat!

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